Commuter Rates

Day Groups (commuter rates)slide31

Requires a non-refundable deposit equal to 20% off the projected total billing for the day.


Commuter Fees

  1. Commuter with no meals: $15.00
  2. Commuter per half-day with dinner: $25.00
  3. Commuter per day with lunch: $35.00
  4. Commuter per day with breakfast and lunch: $40.00
  5. Commuter per day with lunch and dinner: $50.00
  6. Commuter per day with all meals: $60.00

The rate covers the use of the facilities, beverages free of charge and appropriate meals…

Meeting Rooms

Standard Meeting Room:  $65 per day
Petroglyph, Agave or Prickly Pear Rooms (when used as a designated meeting space):  $175.00 per day